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About Value Pools

Value Pools is borne of a very simple idea. Putting fibreglass pools in is really quite straight forward, so why pay a pool company thousands for the privilege of doing paperwork for you.

Our experience as an award winning pool builder, showed us an increasing trend of astute handymen (or should that be handy-persons?) were asking for and buying kit pools. And why not? Sheds, gazebos, pergolas and indeed furniture, all are sold in kit form.

The time was past due to create a kit business taking our construction and installation expertise and turning that into a straight forward way to buy a pool shell with installation instructions (including the trade’s tips and tricks) on how to do it yourself efficiently. Welcome to Value Pools.

Our Values – Quality

At Value Pools, ‘value’ does not mean compromised quality. Fiber Glass Industries of Australia (FGI), key suppliers to the Australian builders of fibreglass boats and pools, provide us the latest resins, fibreglass and gelcoats to build your pool.

Our construction technique and team are equally as adept at building our Eagleray Boats as they are pools.

Any business owner knows we’re only as good as the people we work with. If you visit the factory you’ll see our team, they do know their work and have been with me for years.

Everyone, from the office girls, to Acko in the truck, does a bit of everything as you’d expect in a small company, and attention to detail is apparent.

Customer Relations

We are a bunch of factory guys and girls, and at the core we’re a friendly and sociable lot, so friendly service and a great value product come naturally. We don’t have any sales people yet – we’ll get around to that soon.

We look forward to your stories and photos from completed jobs and photos of your projects, you never know we might use them to show others.

Since we are a factory operation, our phones are answered between 8.30am to 1pm Monday to Friday, and for Work Place safety, factory visits are by appointment only. Outside of the above time we’ll beg your patience and ask that you leave a message on the machine, alternatively you can email us at

Many of us want to see and touch before we buy, we understand that. We’re only too happy to slap a hard hat on you and take you around the sunshine coast storage yard to show you the pools (please wear covered shoes) if you want to see for yourself the quality and build. Remember call to make a time first.

As a final word we even build pools for friends and family a true measure of our staff’s belief in what we do.