Value Pools was born with a very simple idea, which is providing a quality product at an affordable price.

Applying that principal we provide for all needs. We supply a fully installed swimming pool, or, a do it yourself kit pool or a range of stages in between.

All the while we are focused on providing good value for your money. Putting fibreglass pools in is really quite straight forward, so why pay a pool company thousands for the privilege of doing the paperwork for you?

With owning our own factory we are in a great position to supply economic fully installed pools. We have also added a new approach to pool sales where we can introduce you to builders who are prepared to contact direct to you for some of the installation, but talk to us about this innovation.

Our experience as an award winning pool builder, showed us an increasing trend of astute handymen (or should that be handy-persons?) were asking for and buying kit pools. And why not? Sheds, gazebos, pergolas and indeed furniture, all are sold in kit form.

The time was past due to create a kit business taking our construction and installation expertise and turning that into a straight forward way to buy a pool shell with installation instructions (including the trade’s tips and tricks) on how to do it yourself efficiently. 

Welcome to Value Pools.

Our Values – Our Quality

At Value Pools, ‘value’ does not mean compromised quality. Allnex Composites, key suppliers to the Australian builders of fibreglass boats and pools, provide us the latest resins, fibreglass and gelcoats to build your pool. Our construction techniques and team are highly trained and the construction of various boats over the years has only added to their skillset for the construction of swimming pools. Any business owner knows we’re only as good as the people we work with. If you visit the factory you’ll see our team, they do know their work and have been with us for years. Everyone, from our office staff to the truck driver do a little bit of everything as you’d expect in a small company and the care and attention to detail is apparent.


We are a bunch of factory guys and girls, and at the core we’re a friendly and sociable lot, so friendly service and a great value product come naturally.

Our Sales Manager and his staff are dedicated to finding out what your needs are and then catering to those.

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Customer Care


You chose how you want your Swimming Pool built. A full pool build and installation, or it’s do it yourself or we can put you in contact with a licensed installer who can do whatever part of the installation that you would like him to.

For DIY exponents the installation of a fibreglass pool is straightforward. If you are OK with manual labour, and you’ve laid paving or called trades people to book work, or even done just handyman jobs around the house, its likely to be within your capabilities. All that you need to do is read the Installation Instructions (the most difficult step for an Aussie male) before you start putting the kit together, then you can proceed and save yourself thousands of dollars.

"Our installation came to an end today and I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks for a great job. Please pass on a big thank you to Paul and the boys for such a professional job. It was fun having them around."