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Above Ground Pools

9 Steps to setting up an Princess Above Ground Pool

Step 1. Order the pool
Easy, this web site and our staff can assist, we have a simple order form we can email, post or fax to you. At the same time we can arrange transport for the pool shell to your house or if you have your own suitable truck, we have a hoist to load it for you (you can tie it down). To start production of the pool a deposit is required, to get it on the road cleared funds need to be received.

Step 2. Check with council if they want to approve or inspect.

We're pretty certain they'll want to inspect the fence as the state legislation deals with this. But they may not require a building application, as the pool, set up above the ground, is a relocatable structure - empty it of water and it can be moved 

Step 3. Order crane, and read the instructions

More or less at the same time as step two, when we receive a deposit we send out the installation instructions to you (care and maintenance instructions come with the pool). This gives you a chance to plan your installation and get everyone booked, including your mates if they are going to help.(Tip - their attendance is normally improved if you invite them to a BBQ and not mention the pool building!)

Step 4. Get your fence inspection booked (if you need it) 

Step 5. Level the base for the pool shell and don't forget the space for the U Brace
It's a lot like preparing a simple non-compacted screen for laying paving, the installation instructions give you the tips and tricks. Once the base is done you drag out the groove for the U Brace, no concrete needed! 

Step 6. Take delivery of the pool
The crane places the pool onto your prepared base.

Step 7. Connect up your pump and filter

Step 8. Put the water and pool chemicals in
Almost done. Provided you've got the green light from your council and your fence/pool barrier has been inspected and approved, you can add water. Remember to put in the pool chemistry as the water is added.

Step 9. Go for a swim.
The installation instructions include diagrams, and a lot more information.