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Princess above ground Pool

kit pool

The Princess above ground pool is a innovation in the pool market from Value Pools. Equally adept as a free standing above the ground pool, or installed as in ground, this pool, it is extremely robust and a terrific price making it one of the most inexpensive ways to get into the swim of things.

Self Supporting

This is unique in the above ground pool market, the pool shell is one piece, no assembly required, once the U brace is placed under the pool it is fully self supporting.

Imagine, having your pool structure delivered and pre-assembled. Your pool structure and lining is one piece, solid fibreglass. No little nuts and bolts and no worries about a vinyl liner getting a hole, when the boys are being boys.

The idea for this fibreglass pool came from our Eagleray Boats designer. It's a simple premise, we make both commercial and family boats that are larger than this that keep our boaties alive and well in open water by keeping the water out. With our expertise in in ground pools, it is a logical extension to build an above ground pool to keep the water in.

Fibreglass is a great material to work with, incredibly strong and flexible. The Princess pool shell is all in one piece and quite literally it's lifted off the truck and onto the level spot you prepared for it. You connect up the pipes, pump and filter and it's ready to add water.

We also produce and supply with the pool the U Brace that adds additional strength. We don't expect you'll have the local footy team perched on the side of your pool but if that happens it means with the U brace the pool will be fine, leaving you to worry about your visitors eating you out of house and home.

We complement the pool with top shelf in ground pool pumps and filters.

The Standard ladder with the kit

Standard Ladder

We've also put a bit of thought about getting in and out of the pool.

Getting out from the water of the pool is easy, we've included steps as part of the structural shell. You have two choices for getting down to the ground or getting into the pool.

The standard inclusion is a ladder which simply bolts to the side of the pool. Its non-slip treads and high handles make it easy for young and old to get in and out of the pool.

If using the ladder you will need to put a fence around it so the little ones can't get in.

A very popular option is the steps and gate upgrade. Making a elegant entry or exit is a little easier with this option. The gate at the bottom of the steps is an approved type and serves as a valid pool fence.

On that note the sides of the Princess are 1300mm tall by design, that's 100mm taller than a required pool fence, meaning that if you keep your pool 1200mm away from any climbable object you may not need to fence the shell, only the ladder. If you have purchased the step and gate option you may not need to fence at all*.

*Remember: pool fence or fencing using the step option, your local council or certifier needs to approve it as a barrier which does mean a quick site visit by them before you add water.

Benefits of the Step and Gate Option

1. It is a terrific stairway to enter the pool meaning no ladder climbing, making entry and exit more elegant.

2. It is a fence, with a fully compliant pool gate and latch system (no need to build a fence and gate around a ladder).

3. It is a pool pump and filter cover, with your pump and filter securely located away under the stairs.

pool step and gate

Optional Step and Gate

fibreglass in ground pool

This picture is from one of the very first clients, he simply followed the instructions and installed the Princess in ground. Clearly such a simple and straight forward job, this must make the installers and companies selling fully constructed fibreglass pools nervous as for around about 50% of the price of fully constructed in ground fibreglass pool you're getting about 110% of the structure and 80% of the look when directly compared.

Why 110% of the structure? Typically a fibreglass pools relies on the ground around it to support it. As the Princess is free standing it does not need that support. Put it in the ground and it is all the more stronger that the traditional fibreglass pool.

The Princess Structure on Difficult Ground

A common question is how does it go on volatile soils, for example the western black soil areas or highly reactive clay sites. The answer is simply that the pool is incredibly strong with the fibreglass structure and the pre-welded U brace. All you need to do is follow the installation instructions and the pool will sit quite happily on the ground.

Digging it in is also easy. For example, you might be sitting on quite rocky soil or a slope that could have you looking at a quite expensive pool dig for a standard pool. The Princess can be on top of the ground or fully dug in or anywhere in between - it offers a lot of flexibility to change your mind as the conditions change.

The Princess Hits the Road

We were surprised in our research how often people move house and take their above ground pool with them.

We were not surprised to hear that everyone who had pulled the vinyl liner pool apart, and reassembled it, often did not have great success, as age-wearied connectors, panels, nuts and bolts often caused concern.

Compare this with a Princess relocation. The Princess is literally a shell (one piece), steps or ladder (second piece), the pump (third), filter (fourth), and U brace (fifth piece), it's not too shabby and easy to lift onto a truck for a drive to the new location. Moreover if you decided to put down roots, you could always dig a hole and install it, add paving to the top and there you have it - an in ground fibreglass pool.

If we're making it sound all too simple, no apologies, it is.

fibreglass pool plans

Princess 7 metre Above Ground

Water Dimensions

7.17m x 3.17m

Shell Dimensions

7.42m x 3.42m

Water Depth

1.2m approx. no deep end

Shell Depth 


As each shell's beam is individually trimmed small dimensional changes may occur without notice.

fibre glass pool with steps

When selecting the step version, and if you are intending to use the pool sides as the fence, make sure you have at least 1.2m all the way around with nothing climbable in that radius.

Likewise check that you have enough room for the gate to swing open. As always, when it comes to pool fencing, make sure you play by the rules as they are there for everyone's safety.

When selecting the step version, and if you are intending to use the pool sides as the fence, make sure you have at least 1.2m all the way around with nothing climbable in that radius. Likewise check that you have enough room for the gate to swing open. As always, when it comes to pool fencing, make sure you play by the rules as they are there for everyone's safety.

Above Ground Pools - the old vs. new

Remember the last time you purchased a piece of kit furniture, all the bits and bobs screws etc.

above gound pool sketch The old way

Now imagine building a pool that is about 7m long and 3m wide and how many bits and bobs you will need - the preparation, the assembly, the cementing of the support structure, spreading of the vinyl liner etc.

Think of that as the old way...'ll find yourself at the end of it all perhaps humbled but definitely left with a feeling of accomplishment , you've triumphed. Surrounded by tufts of hair, you furtively glance over the top of your beer (for medicinal purposes of course) at the small, but somehow significant pile of left over bits and pieces. Your reverie is interupted by the wife who asks the only reasonable question that such a event calls for, “Honey,... aren't those bits important?”

swimming pool Steps option The new way

This time the pool shell shows up in one piece. It's totally resin / fibreglass based, perfect for holding about 18,000 ltrs of pool water nothing to rust, even if it is salt chlorinated.

It's lifted off the truck, put on your level site with the U brace under, you add your pump and filter, steps or ladder and get the fence OK and away you go.