Not only is Value Pools a swimming pool builder on the Sunshine Coast but they also have a range of trained and qualified individuals who can help you be a swimming pool builder on the Sunshine Coast or anywhere in South East Queensland. You can even source assistance with your pool construction project not only on the Sunshine Coast, and South East Queensland but throughout Queensland.

This is absolutely innovative in the pool industry

An individual has always been able to buy a kit pool and undertake a D.I.Y pool project as well as simply pay a pool builder for a fully installed pool. There has never before been much in between.

Obviously there are huge savings on completing the project as an owner builder (up to $10,000 on a $24,000 pool), where a D.I.Y builder not only saves labour, but also general building contingencies and last, but certainly not least, full retail margin, or profit.

However, what if you paid a pool builder for his expertise for the difficult part but not the full job? He needs to make a living too so he is unlikely to contract for anything less than a couple of thousand dollars worth of labour, but there is a lot less margin (read…profit) in a part of the work than there is in the whole project, and you (and maybe your mates) can finish the project after the swimming pool builder has set it all up.

Sure, you will need to make a few phone calls and pay machinery direct but would you like to SAVE UP TO $7,000 ON A NORMAL SWIMMING POOL PROJECT?

Call +61 7 5449 7135 and ask us about this money saving option when building a fibreglass swimming pool.

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